By Loretta Fulton

The annual convention of two African-American Baptist Church conferences ended June 30 like it began June 26–with thanks to God and plenty of good music.

The 103rd meeting of the Congress of Christian Education and the 114th meeting of the Original West Texas Baptist District Association, Inc., ended with performances of all kinds by youth groups. They sang, they “stepped,” they did drills, they recited scripture, and they prayed.

On Monday night, June 26, the convention started with a musical at New Fellowship Baptist Church. New Fellowship, Mt. Zion Baptist, and Valley View Missionary Baptist were host churches for the convention, which was held at the Abilene Convention Center.

Church members from as far away as El Paso, Amarillo, Grand Prairie, and Wichita Falls gathered for a week of worship, classes, business meetings, and fellowship. 

Cecilia Reid Williams, assistant youth director, opened Friday’s youth performances with a prayer putting everything into perspective.

“To God be the glory for the things he has done,” she prayed, “especially this week.”

Youngsters formed a line across the meeting room at the convention center to open the activities with a rousing song, clapping, and stepping in rhythm. 

“Amen! Good job!” Williams shouted as the group finished. 

Everyone in the room stood, applauded and added more “Amens!” to a perfect ending to a special week. 


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