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By DANNY MINTON Martyr /märder/ Noun: a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs. “saints, martyrs, and witnesses to the faith.” Nestled amid the Philippine Archipelago is the island of Panay. As you travel through the region of Capiz near Tapaz, you come to the mountains of Barrio Katipunan. It is in those mountains you find

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By DANNY MINTON One of my favorite TV shows is NCIS. One of the reasons I like it is that the characters come across as real people with real-life problems and struggles. In one episode, Agent Torres is obsessed throughout the show on trying to fix a pair of sunglasses that he accidentally broke. Throughout the show, no one understands

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By DANNY MINTON You stare at the line with pen in hand. To sign it means freedom, yet at the same time, it brings thoughts of memories that once were a part of a happier life. Thoughts of flowers, fancy clothes, smiles, and looking toward a bright future seem like faded pictures of a life that once was so alive

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By DANNY MINTON There is a passage in Tom Clancy’s book “Red Storm Rising” where two Russians are discussing war. One of the men, who was not really for going to war, makes the following statement: “There are always doubts, Comrade Minister. Fighting a war is not an exercise in mathematics. We deal with people, not numbers. Numbers have their

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By DANNY MINTON Growing up, the kids in our neighborhood and probably most neighborhoods in the fifties played “Cowboys and Indians.” The Indians were always the bad guys. This picture is what we saw when we went to the movies or read most of the western comic books. That was the mindset most boys grew up around. Then, as an

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