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‘You can’t think your way into holiness,’ Summit speaker advises

  By Loretta Fulton The Russian movie “The Stalker” isn’t nearly as creepy as it sounds, a speaker at Summit 2017 ensured, but its premise is pretty scary. The movie isn’t about the kind of stalker we normally think of, James K.A. Smith, an author, speaker, and philosophy professor at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, said. Instead, “the stalker”

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Local family experiences daily joys of observing Ramadan

By Loretta Fulton At precisely 8:40 p.m., Anas and Hannah Daghmoumi sat down at a small serving table to break the Ramadan fast with a guest in their home. Two children, ages 3 and a half and 5, had their own “break-fast” at the kitchen table. The adults enjoyed dates shipped from California, clustered nuts, hot tea, and Hannah’s homemade

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