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The Flight to Egypt: The Shadow Side of Christmas

By DARRYL TIPPENS “It is important to remember the deep, in some ways anguished seriousness of Advent.”—Thomas Merton, Seasons of Celebrations A friend of mine endured a hair-raising escape from Tehran, Iran, one night in 1979. As the city fell to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Yasmin (let us call her) received an urgent call from the American embassy telling her

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The Scents of the Season

By DARRYL TIPPENS Christmas is in the air. I mean this quite literally. We know it’s Christmas because of the distinctive scents of the season. Whether it’s the fragrance of the pine boughs brought indoors or the odors of steaming hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, and cinnamon rolls wafting through the house—our noses know. It’s Christmas. This is just as it

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Christmas, In My Bleak Midwinter

Editor’s Note: The following column by Darryl Tippens first was posted in December 2019. The coming winter seems even bleaker than a year ago, with the COVID pandemic to thank. Dr. Tippens’ reflection on the Christmas carol, “In the Bleak Midwinter,” is re-posted as an early Christmas gift. By DARRYL TIPPENS I have celebrated many Christmases, but only a few

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By LORETTA FULTON It’s not just Darryl Tippens or others with ties to Route 66 who have a “Route 66 problem.” That problem falls on the shoulders of people all over the world who suffer from self-centeredness, Tippens said as guest speaker for the August meeting of the Abilene Association of Congregations. Tippens, retired University Distinguished Scholar at Abilene Christian University, was

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By DARRYL TIPPENS On Monday I watched with dismay as the fires consumed the nave of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. I have had the pleasure and joy of visiting the cathedral twice. Of many beautiful churches I have visited over the years, it’s easy to say no other church in the world is quite like the Cathedral

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