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Nancy Patrick at new home in Illinois, far from home, on Christmas 1974. Nancy and her husband, Mike, had just moved to Illinois for Mike’s first pastorate and they were among strangers for the first time.    By NANCY PATRICK Every year by Thanksgiving, our society transforms into a charitable, adoring, nostalgic, and sentimental group of people who seem to

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By Mike Patrick Bob May, born to a Jewish family in New York in 1905, left for Chicago when the family lost all their wealth during the Great Depression. He found low-paying employment as an in-house advertising copywriter for Montgomery Ward. However, life became harder a few years later when a doctor diagnosed his wife, Evelyn, with cancer in 1937.

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By Danny Minton Pastoral Minister and Elder Southern Hills Church of Christ September 21, 1897 Dear Editor: I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, ‘If you see it in THE SUN it’s so.’ Please tell me the truth. Is there a Santa Claus? Virginia O’Hanlon, 115 West Ninety-Fifth Street.

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