A new book by a former Abilene Christian University professor explores the renewed interest in the Holy Spirit after what the author says are centuries of neglect.

Leonard Allen is author of “Poured Out: The Spirit of God Empowering the Mission of God.”

“Many are beginning to realize that the Spirit is not a junior member of the Trinity, tame and shy,” a news releases about the book states. “‘Poured Out’ explains why the church limited the Spirit for so long and how you can come to know the Spirit better and more fully.”

The book was published by ACU Press, which Allen previously served as editor. He currently is dean of the College of Bible and Ministry at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. He has taught theology and ethics at John Brown University, Fuller Seminary, and ACUU and is the author of “Open to the Spirit,” “The Cruciform Church: Becoming a Cross-Shaped People in a Secular World,” and other books.

The book has received excellent reviews from such luminaries as Stanley Hauerwas and Scot McKnight:

“What an interesting thesis, that is, that the waning of Christendom makes possible our reclaiming of the work of the Holy Spirit by forcing the church to be in mission. Allen writes with verve and insight worthy of a theologian who attends to Scripture.”
—STANLEY HAUERWAS, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law, Duke University, author of Hannah’s Child
“Two words continued to come into my mind as I read Leonard Allen’s wonderful and wide-ranging Poured Out: “contained” and “constrained.” For many the Spirit is contained in the Bible, and Allen shows that approach fails the Bible itself. For the Bible’s teaching is not that the Spirit is contained by the Bible. Rather, whatever the Spirit does will be constrained by the Bible, that is, consistent with the Bible. The Bible constrains us today to welcome the Spirit who has always been missional, transforming, and empowering.”
     —SCOT MCKNIGHT, Northern Seminary, author of The Kingdom Conspiracy
“Poured Out” costs $16.99 and may be ordered at

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