In the photos above, friends say goodbye to Linda Egle during a farewell party Oct. 19 at Highland Church of Christ. Egle, founder of Eternal Threads, 101 Walnut St., is closing the shop effective Oct. 31 and is  moving to Nebraska to be near family. The store will still have an online presence,,  and items may be sold in Abilene stores. A half-price sale will continue through Oct. 28. Hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Saturday. 



By Loretta Fulton

The tears were plentiful as friends said good-bye to Linda Egle and her popular shop and ministry, Eternal Treads, at a party Oct. 19 at Highland Church of Christ.

Egle is moving to Nebraska to be near family. She opened Eternal Threads in 2003 after a taking early retirement from a 27-year career as a United Airlines flight attendant. She had witnessed poverty and a desire for improvement among women in countries she traveled to and wanted to help.

Since 2006, Eternal Threads has been located in a historic building owned by Walt Pfeifer, a friend. Pfeifer said it is impossible to separate the two–Egle and Eternal Threads.

“One cannot exist without the other,” he said.

Eternal Threads was founded as a nonprofit to provide skills development training and a way to establish a sustainable income. Since the store opened, the inventory has increased to include a variety of Fair Trade artisan products from various countries.

The mission also has expanded to working with international partners to try to stop human trafficking. Eternal Threads’ mission is “weaving hope and justice to improve the lives of women and children who are at risk from extreme poverty and trafficking.”

Pfeifer noted that at one time the building he owns housed T.S. Lankford & Sons sewing operations. It seemed appropriate that Egle’s Eternal Threads should be housed there, he said.

“It was kind of like the building was happy again,” Pfeifer said.




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