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IDLE AMERICAN Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury The news that cursive handwriting is returning to elementary school curricula is being roundly applauded, perhaps equal to ovations that welcomed Dolly back to Broadway. Some of us thought cursive instruction had been “written off” in recent years, replaced by fingers fleeting across tiny keyboards on iPhones, iPads and such. No one is more

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IDLE AMERICAN Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury It was bound to happen, and finally, it did. I overheard the words “artificial intelligence” and “fake news” mentioned in the same sentence. Maybe we need more “real thing” topics.  Coca-Cola sold gazillions of its products with its “real thing” claim years ago. During our youth, we placed great trust in mass media news,

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(Editor’s Note: Dr. Don Newbury is former president of Howard Payne University in Brownwood and is well known to many Abilenians. Newbury writes a weekly column that is syndicated in 200 newspapers. He graciously is sharing those with readers of Spirit of Abilene.) The Idle American Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury Most veterans stand proudly on annual dates they’re honored,

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