Meet Jeff Reid


Jeff Reid remembers that when he first started leading the Primetimers ministry for people over age 60, he was the age of their children.

“Today, I am a Primetimer,” he joked. 

Reid joined the staff of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church in 1993 and began leading the Primetimers in 2001. On Sunday, Feb. 5, Jeff’s 30 years of service were celebrated at the church, where he serves as associate pastor, with his wife Barbara, and family members in attendance. 

Jeff’s  light-hearted demeanor and sense of humor are well-known at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church and beyond. As he gets ready to start his next 30 years of service, he is looking at it with a particular philosophy.

“Another 30 years? Hum? It’s been said many times, ‘If you like what you do and who you do it with, that’s 90 percent of the battle.’ I’ll take that percentage anytime.”

The Reid Family left to right Mike Reid (Jeff’s brother), Brooke and Keith Richardson (Jeff’s daughter and son-in-law), Jeff, Doris and Jim Novers (Barbara’s sister and brother-in-law), Nolie Richardson (granddaughter), Reid Richardson (grandson), Barbara, Amanda and Bo Reid (son and daughter-in-law). Photos courtesy Pioneer Drive Baptist Church

Name: Jeff Reid
Position: Associate Pastor, Pioneer Drive Baptist Church
Hometown: Fort Worth
Family: (Wife-46 years) Barbara; (Daughter) Brooke; (Son) Bo; (Grandaughter) Nolie; (Grandson) Reid
Education: TCU (BBA); Southwestern Seminary (MDIV and DMIN)
Community Involvement:
Bonham Elementary School
Hendrick Medical Center Patient and Family Advisory Council
Goodwill Board
Boys and Girls Club Board
AbSSLC Volunteer
Wesley Court Living Center

Jeff and Barbara Reid

Q: I noticed in your bio on the church website that you and Barbara are known as “Ace” and “Yaya”. What’s that about?

A: 12 years ago all the traditional granparents names were taken.  Names like: Grandad, Grand Paw, Pop, Paw-Paw, Grandmother, Granmaw, Granny.  We opted for unique, modern names.

Q: You have been at Pioneer Drive since 1993.  What has kept you there so long?

A: My Dad was a “generational Pastor” for 39 years in Fort Worth at South Hills Baptist Church.  I’m blessed to walk in his steps as a “generational Pastor.”  Today, that role is almost extinct.  God keeps calling every day and I keep answering every day.  Pioneer Drive is the best!

Q: You have led the Primetimers since 2001.  What is the most enjoyable part of that ministry for you?

A: Connecting with the 60+ group is priceless.  When I started with the Primetimers I was the age of their children.  Today, I am a Primetimer!  This presents different opportunities and philosophy, in ministry.

Q: Interests and expectations change with each new generation of “Primetimers.”  How have you had to adjust your ministry over the past 22 years to accommodate those changes?

A: This challenge is real and daily. The Primetimer generation today is similar to the 1988 campaign ad for the Oldsmobile Supreme Cutlass, “this is not your father’s Oldsmobile.” Times have changed! Staying current, relevant and connected is the key….and the Supreme Cutlass was a hot seller!

Q: The Primetimers are involved with many outreach projects, especially at Bonham Elementary School.  Why is that important to the members of the group?

A: Pioneer Drive and Bonham Elementary School opened their door in 1954.  The Elmwood West was exploding with young couples with neighborhood small children.  Over the past 65+ years we have “loved thy neighbor” in countless ways.  Was this a coincidence or God at work?? You tell me.

Q: What are some of the most popular destinations for your Primetimer trips?

A: Until the pandemic, the Primetimer’s travelled on a regular basis.  Every year on of the trips would be a “Big Trip.” Chicago, Phonix, Washington DC, Nashville were some of our favorites. The #1 favorite was New York City. We’ve been to the Big Apple and our lives were never the same or our wallets!

Q: What other ministries or activities are you involved with at the church?

A: A large amount of my ministry as Associate Pastor focuses on funerals. Last year I held 40 funerals. The opportunity to walk along side hurting families is powerful, rewarding and a personal blessing. I firmly believe that God uses me to pass their loved one off to Jesus. How good is that?

Jeff Reid at the pulpit of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church

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