Christian Rally Against Hate


A different kind of hurricane is threatening the country, one that is just as destructive as Hurricane Ian that struck Florida, Abilene Christian University professor Jerry Taylor warns.

“It is an emotional hurricane that is filled with the high velocity winds of hostility and the rising flood waters of racial violence,” said Taylor, an associate professor of Bible who founded and leads ACU’s Carl Spain Center on Race Studies & Spiritual Action.

Jerry Taylor

To help prepare for the hurricane and perhaps help thwart it, the Spain Center is sponsoring a rally on Sunday, Oct. 23, at ACU’s amphitheater in front of the Biblical Studies Building.

“The West Texas Rally For Christians Against Hate” will begin at 3 p.m., with keynote speaker Don McLaughlin of the North Atlanta Church of Christ leading the way. The rally, open to the public, also will feature special music.Taylor is hopeful that Christians of all denominations will turn out to show support for the cause.

“I just really feel we need to make a statement,” Taylor said.

Taylor also urged a period of fasting and praying Oct. 17-23 as a lead-up to the rally. A focus during that time will be on Act.s 13:1-12.

“This dangerous moment in our national history needs the church’s prophetic voice,” Taylor said, “to speak into the public square to expose the Christian heresy known as White Christian Nationalism.”

Loretta Fulton is editor of Spirit of Abilene

One comment

  • I certainly would like to see an end to racist behavior. I wish we could all respect our humanity and not worry about the skin color.


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