From Jay Moore: Community Christmas Tree

Jay Moore’s newest book, “Abilene Daily: Snapshots of Home,” contains one or more vignettes from Abilene’s history for each day of the year. Periodically, stories with some connection–however loose–to Abilene’s religious life will be featured in Spirit of Abilene. The book can be purchased at Texas Star Trading Co., 174 Cypress St. or call 325-672-9696. Books are $27.50.

Jay Moore

Following is an excerpt dated Nov. 16, 1951, from Jay Moore’s book, Abilene Daily: Snapshots of Home.

Community Christmas Tree

Jewell Bourland of 882 Ross phoned Mr. Orange Farnsworth, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Christmas Planning Committee, informing him she wished to donate a 35-foot tall Arizona Cypress tree growing in her front yard to the city so it might serve as a community Christmas tree. A June thunderstorm first gave Mrs. Bourland the idea, as she feared the swaying tree might one day fall on top of her small frame house. Farnsworth hustled over to size up the tree, bringing his axe along should it measure up to the task. It did. The felled tree was removed from the Bourland yard and relocated to Everman Park where it was decorated and the lights turned on Nov. 29 to coincide with a visit from St. Nick.

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  • I bought Jay’s book and your new book on the same day. I have them on my coffee table so visitors can see them. I am really enjoying the way Jay took each day of the calendar year and found something to write about it. It’s a fun book to read and learn about some incidents I never knew.


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