Rick Hammer: Vaccines a Sign of God’s Grace

Rick Hammer, former biology professor at Hardin-Simmons University, is well known in Abilene for his role in the development of a nature park at Kirby Lake and for his creation stewardship activism.

He recently had an article published on the Baptist News Global website titled, “Why I see COVID-19 vaccines as a sign of God’s grace.”

The article begins with, “I used to tell the Hardin-Simmons University students in my freshman biology class that scientific knowledge is a gift from God, but we have to do the hard work of discovering it and learning how to use it.”

Click here to read the entire article

Rick Hammer


  • Thank you, Rick, for an informative article that offers great references to backup your claims. My brother has been a research scientist for many years and I am a pastor in a mainline denomination. He and I have had several conversations much in-tune with what you have written. I’m sure your article will strike a chord with him as it has with me! I feel certain he will join me saying, “Amen! Amen! and again I say, “Amen!”
    Rev. Dr. Janice Six, PC(USA)


  • Rick, your article was so informative and passionate. I completely agree with your viewpoint and have difficulty understanding why anyone would decline a vaccine that can prevent illness and death.


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