Survey: Highly Religious Americans More Skeptical About Extraterrestrial Life

Pew Research Center

Religious and secular thinkers alike have long discussed what the implications for religion would be if humans discovered intelligent life on other planets. In the United States, highly religious adults are much more skeptical about the possibility of extraterrestrial life compared with those who are less religious, according to a recent Pew Rearch Center survey. 

This is evidenced by a variety of measures of religious engagement. For example, U.S. Christians are far less likely than religiously unaffiliated Americans to say that their “best guess” is that intelligent life exists on other planets (57% vs. 80%).

Read the entire Pew Rearch Center survey

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  • I believe God is able to have created other “worlds.” If that is true, I hope they haven’t been as disappointing as ours. I don’t mean that I am ungrateful for our world or do not love its inhabitants, but I wish we were more pleasing to him.


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