Tulsa Church Ledger Tells Story of Faith After 1921 Massacre

On June 1, 1921, a racist mob in Tulsa, Oklahoma, destroyed much of a prosperous Black neighborhood that was known as America’s Black Wall Street.

Hundreds of people were killed and four hotels, two newspapers, eight doctor’s offices, seven barbershops, half a dozen real estate agencies, and half a dozen churches were destroyed. One of the Black houses of worship that was damaged was the Vernon African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church, located then at 307 N. Greenwood Ave.

Members decided to rebuild and kept a ledger of all the people who pledged to help and the money they contributed to the cause. Today’s pastor, Robert Richard Allen Turner, says the ledger holds more than just names and dollar amounts.

“It’s a ledger of our history that we still need to know today,” Turner said. “It’s a story of faith and folks who had faith in God.”

Read story in Christianity Today

One comment

  • I recorded several television documentaries that detail the events of this horrible and shameful day. I have to press “pause” sometimes while I regain my composure. The degree of blind hatred and cruelty in addition to the abject lack of humanity turns my stomach. I am so angry that I never heard of this important part of American history until the recent “enlightenment” forced its revelation. Shame on anyone who condones such behavior.


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