Hardin-Simmons University News Release

Joseph Eunice was busy enough working and earning his doctorate of physical therapy from Hardin-Simmons University, but when he saw a need in Mityana, Uganda, he knew he had the time to help children in need. Eunice, who graduate in 2019, is the director of operations at Just A Guy Ministries (JAG), where he fundraises to provide food, school fees, wells, homes, livestock, and vaccinations for orphans in the community.

Joseph Eunice in Uganda

Joseph Eunice uses the physical therapy skills he  learned at Hardin-Simmons University to serve in Uganda. Photo courtesy Hardin-Simmons University. 

The ministry began in 2017 when Eunice was reading his Bible. He could not shake the idea of a physical therapy office that works with orphanages. Although he had no idea how this would happen, he committed to praying about the ministry. Soon after, a friend connected him with Pastor Patrick, a Ugandan minister who was caring for 38 orphans. When Eunice realized that Pastor Patrick had no steady income to provide for the children, he decided to begin the organization.

The name of the organization comes from Acts 4:13, a verse where the people realized that the apostles Peter and John were just ordinary people who had been with Jesus. 

“The name is to remind everyone that God still uses ordinary people to do amazing things; we just have to say yes,” said Eunice. “When I first started putting everything together, people would always say things like, ‘That’s so cool, I wish I could do something like that!’ and I would always respond with, ‘Well, I’m just a guy who said yes to a need, so there is nothing stopping you.’”

In addition to accepting year-round donations, Eunice plans three large fundraising events a year. 

“I knew nothing about fundraising, non-profits, or really anything that was being asked of me when God put it on my heart to stand up and provide of these orphans,” he said. “I’ve just been learning on the go, just trusting God to show up and be faithful in what He has called me to do.”

Eunice said his trip to Peru with the PT program helped him develop a servant’s heart. In Peru, Eunice cared for individuals with special needs and their families. With Joni and Friends and Wheels for the World, Eunice was able to share the gospel and fit mobility devices for those in need. 

To learn more or contribute to Just A Guy Ministries, visit their Facebook page.

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