(Editor’s Note: Carolyn Newman is a retired public school music specialist who spent much of her career at Dyess Elementary School. She also writes “po’try,” as she calls it, thinking that her work doesn’t rise to the level of poetry. But it is certainly entertaining. Newman has sung her “Ode to Retirment” for the AISD retired teachers’ luncheon and the Dyess Elementary Retired Teachers’ Fellowship. Just dial up Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in your mind and enjoy. Newman will periodically share more of her “po’try” with Spirit of Abilene readers.)


Verse 1
Joyful, Joyful, we’re retired, There’s five Fridays in a row, Then along will come the weekend, Oh the places we can go!
Here we are, retired teachers,
We have experience and we’re wise. And we have the joy of knowing We helped shape our student’s lives.

Verse 2
What Educators! What Professionals! We worked ’til the job was done. Teachers with a strong work ethic
Help make their school number one.
We connect with other retirees, Together we can run the race.
For we have so much in common As life’s challenges we face.

Verse 3
Joyful, joyful where we’re headed Could be anybody’s guess! But we know that while we’re going There’s a (small) check from TRS
In retirement, God will bless us With His knowledge and His love. Joyful, Joyful, may He keep us ’til He calls us home above.


Carolyn Newman

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