Survey: Young, Diverse Evangelicals Show Ambivalence Toward Israel

A new survey suggests a younger, more diverse generation of evangelical Christians is undergoing a marked shift regarding their views on politics and Israel. Among the poll’s findings: a seemingly rapid turn away from support for Israel, raising questions about whether the country’s leaders can maintain long-term support within a key religious constituency in the U.S.

Read Religion News Service article


  • Cantor Monica O'Desky

    I am not surprised. With our current culture, there is an attempt to have moral equivalency between the thief and the police with the thief usually coming out as the good guy. The media is doing its best to destroy our nation and, unfortunately, this indoctrination is working.


  • I see the Mideast conflict as a great tragedy for all concerned. I would not wish to label the good guys or the bad guys.


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