Give to B.O.B.S or Your Favorite Charity on Abilene Gives Day

Breakfast on Beech Street (B.O.B.S) is celebrating its 25th birthday in May and is asking for one simple gift: a donation on Tuesday, May 4, through the Abilene Community Foundation’s annual Abilene Gives day.

It’s a simple request and easy to grant. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the house and go shopping. The Community Foundation is making it easy. All you have to do is go to and fill out the search field. 

B.O.B.S. is certainly a worthy organization, but there are many in Abilene. The annual Abilene Gives day makes it easy to donate to any of numerous nonprofits in town. Just go to and fill in the search field to find your favorite charity. 

In its 25-year history, B.O.B.S has served more than 500,000 sandwiches in addition to a hot breakfast, served five days a week.

“Thanks to our generous donors and dedicated volunteers for keeping the pantry stocked and the doors open to anyone who wants to join us for breakfast and a smile,” news release states. 

B.O.B.S. is supported and manned by volunteers from several churches.

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