A Hymn for the World, A fundraiser for the poorest

English singer and hymn writer Andrew D. Brewis is hoping to raise money for Christian Aid’s COVID-19 Appeal with his new single, This Is The Time To Pray. The new song, based on a poem by the late William Aubert Luce, was released on Saturday, May 23. To hear Brewis perform the hymn, go to thetimetopray.com.

Brewis is a Christian Science pratitioner, and his new hymn was sung in the Abilene Christian Science Church on Sunday. May 31. Christian Aid is a London-based relief organization founded in 1945. To learn more, to to https://www.christianaid.org.uk/

“If ever there was a time that the world needed prayer and healing, now is that time,” says Andrew, who composed and performs the song. “William’s poem is beautiful, simple, urgent, and inclusive. And even though it was written years ago, it’s both completely timeless and really timely. It urges us to take a good look at ourselves, and to look to God for direction.”

Following are lyrics to the chorus:

“This is the time when the world must pray
To hear the Father’s call,
This is the time to tear each wall down,
And free us, one and all.
This is the time to forget the past,
And find a better way,
This is the time when heart meets heart,
This is the time to pray.”

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