I have two sons: My youngest son, Chris, lives in Corpus Christi. He’s become successful in business and is turning into the young man his mother and I always desired for him to be. He is kind, loving, and generous. He shares what’s happening in his life. He’s what his mom and I dreamed of when we planned to have children. He is married to a loving wife, Daniella, and we now have two beautiful granddaughters named Lilliana and Vivian.

My oldest son, Scottie, passed away five years ago, having lived with us for forty-plus years. Scottie had cerebral palsy. Because he was handicapped, he needed us to take care of his every need. He could not talk, walk, or sit up and was less than a year old developmentally. He would never get married, have a family or children of his own. He could not hug us or tell us that he loved us like his brother. He was dependent on us for his entire life.

I have two sons. One has grown into a fine independent young man. The other was totally dependent on us to survive. But I love them both the same.

Jesus is the same way. He looks down on the earth and sees all kinds of people. Some are independent and becoming what he expects, while others never quite seem to grow up, and he has to spend more time with them. Nevertheless, he loves everyone just the same.

In Exodus 30:15, God tells the rich and poor to bring the same amount to offer, no more – no less. He’s saying that to God, no man, woman or child is worth more or less than the person next to them, no matter what their situation may be.

I have two sons that I love. One can love back, the other couldn’t, but I still love them the same. Jesus has many sons and daughters, some love back, some don’t, but he still loves us all.

Danny Minton is Pastoral Minister and Elder at Southern Hills Church of Christ


  • Sweet analogy, Danny. I do remember little Scotty so well from our Baytown years. God blessed you and Kathy with a special child and you both did a beautiful job loving and caring for him. You are a testimony to a father’s unconditional love!


  • Thanks Kay. We have a lot of fond memories from Baytown, especially with people like Kay and Elvis! Barbara Conaway, Candy Holman, and good kids in the youth group.


  • Danny you are a fine Christian. Chris is a good friend of our son, Thomas, and we hold him in high esteem also.


  • Thanks Jim. Chris thinks highly of Thomas as well.


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