The Silent Majority

Editor’s Note: March is Women’s History Month. Throughout March, contributors to Spirit of Abilene will pay tribute to Women of Influence.


The pages of history are filled with the achievements of women whose lives influenced millions of people. Their names and works are cast in stone in the works of history. Ask anyone to name a few, and you will get a list of people you will instantly recognize. We recognize those women whose published works have influenced many and others who inspired us to reach loftier goals. Add to this list the two groups of women influencing the lives of many of us, our mothers and wives. 

However, often forgotten in conversations, we find a special group of women who influenced us in some way over the years. We often cannot even pick out a specific way, but know when their names cross our minds; they hold a special place in our maturing as adults. It reminds me of the Hebrews writer and his section on faith. He lists some significant historical figures but then adds a list of others about whom he doesn’t have time to write. What they had to offer as examples of faith were no less important than those he spoke about in detail. 

I look through my past, and names come to mind. Some will know the names of the many women who have influenced my life, but they are unrecognizable by the masses; Mrs. Paige, Miss Streetman, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Skaggs, Miss Henderson, and Mrs. Mischen were teachers who in some way touched who I am today. Add to the list other women; Georgia, Eva, Jane, Glenda, and Kay, to name a few from my past. Then there was the nurse who snuck a little boy into his dad’s hospital room after a car accident. I remember two unknown women in a town away from home who visited me in the hospital after a football injury. 

For most of us, the influence of women in our lives does not come from those well-known historical figures but from those who momentarily touch our lives. We may not see the influence at the time but only become aware at particular times in our lives. They are “The Silent Majority.” Without their or our knowing it, they influence what molds our character. 

Many of the names I mentioned go back decades to my elementary school years. The little things they said or did planted a memory that helped form who I am today. We all have women like these from our past who influenced us somehow. Take time to sit down and list the names of those who made a difference in your future. I would like to go back in time and thank so many for their part in making me a better person, but that’s impossible. In my book, they were all great women, like those the writer of Hebrews did not have time to go deeper into their contributions.  

Never forget the women of “The Silent Majority,” who made you who you are today. They are your personal history of influential women.

Danny Minton is a former Elder and minister at Southern Hills Church of Christ

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