Technically, the church located at 1402 Grape St. is a United Methodist Church named Grace.

But in reality, it is much more than that.

It is a symbol of what can happen when two groups of people decide to join for the betterment of both. And, typical of today’s world, the two met on Facebook.

Grace UMC, with a dwindling, aging congregation, was looking for a part-time minister who would agree to serve the church for little pay. A Facebook notice was posted.


Terry Taillon is one of the ministers for the newly formed Grace and Mercy Church, which meets at Grace UMC at 1402 Grape St. Photo by Loretta Fulton


Mercy Church Motorcycle Ministries, located in Hawley, was looking for a place to meet. A member saw the Facebook notice. Odd as it may seem, a new creation was born, one with a perfect name — Grace and Mercy United Church. The church now is served by two ministers, Terry Taillon and Bo Whitaker.

“We’re a church of diversity now” Whitaker said. “Motorcycles and Methodists.”

Read complete story by Loretta Fulton in the Reporter-News.

Top photo credit: Photo on <a href=”″>Visualhunt</a&gt;


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