From Jay Moore: Presbyterians Get Going First

Jay Moore’s newest book, “Abilene Daily: Snapshots of Home,” contains one or more
vignettes from Abilene’s history for each day of the year. Periodically, stories with some connection–however loose–to Abilene’s religious life will be featured in Spirit of Abilene. The book can be purchased at Texas Star Trading Co., 174 Cypress St. or call 325-672-9696. Books are $27.50.
Jay Moore

Following is an excerpt from Jay Moore’s book, Abilene Daily: Snapshots of Home, dated February, 27, 1881.

Presbyterians Get Going First

When a group of Presbyterians gathered for worship near the temporary Texas and Pacific depot on Sunday, Feburary 27, 1881, the town lot sale that would create Abilene was still two weeks away. The Buffalo Gap family of William Adolphus Minter saw the promise of Abilene and moved to the T&P tracks in anticipation of Abilene coming into existence. The Minter family and a handful of others met under a tent at the site staked off at North First and Pine Street. The service began at 11 o’clock and was led by the Rev. William Waldo Brimm of the Dallas Presbytery, who aptly read from the third chapter of Luke, where it is recorded that Lysanias was the tetrarch of the biblical Abilene. Brimm offerd a sermon based on Jeremiah 6:16, urging the few congregants to walk in the old ways and find rest for their souls. Brimm continued to travel to Abilene, preaching once a month until May.

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