Merritt ‘Grateful and Blessed’


Even before May 2022, Pearl Merritt knew Abilene was a special place, but the events that unfolded for 12 days beginning May 17 sealed the deal.

Merritt and her husband were among the victims during the 12 days that it took firefighters to contain what became known as the Mesquite Heat Fire in western Taylor County. They lost their house near View in the ordeal but escaped unharmed thanks to first responders and friends. They were left with a deep sense of gratitude and understanding of how fragile life is.  

“It made us so grateful to live in Abilene when numerous friends and strangers reached out to help us,” Merritt said. “I feel very grateful and blessed.”

Loretta Fulton wrote about Merritt for the January/February issue of Abilene Scene magazine. Click here to read the article.

Pearl Merritt

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  • I am so sorry you lost your home but grateful for your safety. Thank you for your service in teaching others the value of nursing.


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