PDBC Welcomes ‘New’ Senior Pastor, John Whitten

John Whitten preached his first sermon Sept. 6 as senior pastor of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church. He replaces Stan Allcorn, who served as senior pastor since 1998. Allcorn’s last Sunday as senior pastor was Aug. 29. Photos show Whitten preaching, his father, Mark Whitten, presenting him with two Bibles, and the PDBC orchestra, led by Danny Barefield.

Whitten, 35, may be the youngest “senior pastor” ever to carry that title. He previously was pastor of The Gathering, a contemporary service at the church. Whitten and his wife, Elya, have four children, Sam, Sarah, Savannah, and Simon.

The following was posted by John Whitten explaining the story behind the Bibles.

“This whole week has been a roller coaster of emotions, but today was indeed historic and worshipful. The music, fellowship, and studying of God’s word in Bible Study classes was an encouragement to many and no doubt honored God. 
My grandparents were early members of Pioneer Drive in the ’50s. After my grandfather passed, my Aunt Dana Whitten found two Bibles (with many notes) that my grandparents had given to one another around the time my dad was born. These would have been the Bibles they used when they attended Pioneer Drive. In a surprise presentation my Dad and Aunt “brought these Bibles back home” to Pioneer Drive today. 
These Bibles will now have a home in my study where they will serve as a reminder of God’s work that has faithfully followed by preceding generations. I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to share the Word with the people of Pioneer Drive.”

Photos by Matthew Jungling, communications intern at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church.

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