Golf Haiku by Glenn Dromgoole

Golf is a great game

for teaching humility;

yeah, but who needs that?



Quiet Time by Glenn Dromgoole

On this end of the pond

swims one lonely duck –

maybe not lonely at all,

just needing a break

from all the other ducks

and their constant quacking.

Morning Songs by Glenn Dromgoole

Before the day gets too busy

I take a few minutes to be still and quiet

and listen to the birds singing their songs,

and they remind me that whatever I do today

will not make any difference to them.

At Seventeen by Glenn Dromgoole

I wish I had known then

what I realize now

I didn’t know then.

Bravo! by Glenn Dromgoole

Bravo I say,

bravo to you

for giving it

your very best.

Bravo, bravo!

Overflowing by Glenn Dromgoole

My cup overflows

with beauty

I cannot describe

and grace

I do not deserve.

Went for a Walk Instead  by Glenn Dromgoole

God, I apologize

for not going

to church today;

you shouldn’t

have made this day

quite so gorgeous.

My Friend by Glenn Dromgoole

My friend

knows me

inside and out,

and likes me


Living a Dream by Glenn Dromgoole

If your friendship

is a dream come true,

please don’t wake me up.

Seven Wonders by Glenn Dromgoole

The wonder of today.

The wonder of life.

The wonder of beauty.

The wonder of nature.

The wonder of joy.

The wonder of love.

The wonder of you.

A New Day by Glenn Dromgoole

Were these flowers

that colorful yesterday —

or was I just not

paying attention?

Thank you By Glenn Dromgoole

Your smile

brightened my day

and I should have stopped

to say thank you.

A Smile and a Donut By Glenn Dromgoole

The cheerful clerk

at the pastry shop

makes it her business

to sweeten the day

of everyone she meets.

Haiku at Sunset By Glenn Dromgoole

Sunset fades slowly

as if to apologize

for taking its leave!

Haiku at Sunrise By Glenn Dromgoole

Creation renewed,

every sunrise unique:

Genesis right here.

What’s Important By Glenn Dromgoole

We always manage

to find time for

what’s important.

Or do we?

Call To Worship These Days By Glenn Dromgoole

I was glad when

they said unto me:

“Let us now turn off

our cell phones.”

Lasting Gift By Glenn Dromgoole

Smiles of loved ones

linger in the memory

after everything else

has faded away.

First Peek  By Glenn Dromgoole


At the first peek
of daylight

I give thanks
for another day.

Quiet Moment By Glenn Dromgoole


No great flash

of inspiration;

just a quiet moment

of reflection.