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By Dr. PAUL FABRIZIO The retirement of Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy and the appointment of his replacement by President Donald Trump will be the biggest battle for a Supreme Court nominee since Clarence Thomas’ nomination in 1991. The stakes are the highest they can be with the balance of power on the Court potentially shifting to a solid

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By DANNY MINTON As Independence Day approaches amid the fireworks, golf tournaments, trips to the beach and barbeques, there will be some who take time to remember that this is a day which represents the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The colonies firmly stated to England that they would now become a free group and for the first time

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Music, scripture, and welcoming words were part of the opening ceremonies for the Original West Texas Baptist Association. Photo by Loretta Fulton           By LORETTA FULTON Abilene is honored this week to have the Original West Texas Baptist District Association observing its 115th year of existence at the Abilene Convention Center. Celebrating 104 years alongside the

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By Dr. DAN STIVER In April, the administration instituted a new policy of dealing with immigrants at the border, which has involved heart-wrenching scenes of forcibly taking children and babies from their parents. This policy was a dramatic change from two previous presidents of both parties, Bush and Obama, over 16 years, including this administration’s own policy for the first

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